The History Of Bingo And How To Play It

When Edwin Lowe, who was an entrepreneur and promoter of the Bingo game, mmc996 contacted mathematician Carl Leffler from Columbia University, his intention was that this professor would help him generate a large number of combinations for bingo cards.

Thus the game became even more complex to win, making it even more exciting. Carl Leffer is said to have gone mad after having created up to 6,000 cartons endowed with unique combinations, thus fulfilling the goal set by his client.

Today, many game cards achieve the same goal as those devised by that teacher, but others do not since there are currently several game modes of this traditional game of chance.

Here is an approximation to what each of these modalities represents:

Bingo 75

This is the most traditional type of bingo that exists. To play it, the person gets a card that has a grid of 6 squares high by five squares high. The first row of boxes is respectively marked in each box with the following letters: B – I – N – G – O.

Thus, the letter B represents a column of 5 numbers. The same goes for the other columns. Each card features random numbers. But although it would be thought that there should be a total of 25 numbers in play, really the core of the grid does not have any digits.

As a rule, it is known that column B represents numbers between 1 to 15; I represent numbers between 16 to 30, and so on, so column O includes numbers from 61 to 75. Mixed ballots are marked the same way—for example, B1, I16, N32, etc.

The fun thing about this way of playing bingo is that whoever sings the selected numbers on the ballot can decide the game mode. Just as you can win with the whole card full, the person who completes the column of I, the diagonal that goes from B to O, the third row, among other options, can also win.

Simultaneous bingo

In this type of game, the numbers from 1 to 90 play a leading role, including these themselves. How are these numbers distributed in the cards? For this, the cards have a design of 3 rows by nine columns. Each carton only has a total of 15 random numbers. Five numbers are distributed for each of the rows.

In this type of bingo, there are two ways to win, better known as «Line» and «Bingo.» In the “Line” mode, the person who hides one of the rows, that is, the five designated numbers will win. In return, he gets a smaller prize.

In the “Bingo” mode, the person who manages to complete all the boxes on the card wins and therefore, will win a bigger prize. From this point, a new game begins.

Electronic bingo

Another form of gambling, although this is more categorized as a lottery, is that of electronic bingo. The person acquires a ticket with certain numbers marked, and the draw is carried out through television, using a ballot box that chooses a certain number of numbers.

Online Bingo

Finally, the other option that exists in the world of gambling and casinos is to play Bingo casino online. This type of game bets more than anything on the modalities of Bingo 75 and simultaneous Bingo casino.

The great virtue of this type of game is that the user interacts digitally with software optimized to choose numbers randomly. But at the same time, the cartons are automatically marked with the selected numbers. This avoids the bettor having to verify that the numbers that came out of the ballot box have been covered.

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